DiscDot Sampler 3-Pack
DiscDot Sampler 3-Pack
DiscDot Sampler 3-Pack
DiscDot Sampler 3-Pack

DiscDot Sampler 3-Pack

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DiscDot target aide build-your-own Sampler 3 Pack! These 3-pack samplers include 1 of each type DiscDot for maximum impact: 1 Classic, 1 Glow, 1 UV (try it under a blacklight!).

Use all 3 together to create multiple hit points or "hit zones" - see the gallery for examples from actual users!

Reduce mental distractions, find your sweet spot, and improve your scores! The muscle memory and instant feedback loop that DiscDot provides during your practice routine translates into fewer missed putts on the course. The bright colors also reduce eye strain allowing you to putt longer and maximize your routine!

Classic color DiscDots are bright and UV resistant made to last years of abuse.

UV color DiscDots are infused with UV reactive pigments and glow when exposed to UV (Sunlight and blacklight) - these colors are very vibrant in the sunlight! **Does not Glow-In-The-Dark**

Glow-In-The-Dark DiscDots are infused with highly-concentrated Glow-In-The-Dark pigment that charges fast when exposed to UV (Sunlight and blacklight) - great for late night rounds and putting leagues!

DiscDots fit a variety of chain sizes, however a minimum chain link spacing of 1" (space in between the links the long way) is required to fit a DiscDot. Please measure your chains to ensure proper fitment. DiscDot fits all the most common baskets except some "marksman" style baskets.

See our FAQ Page for more information!

Putting practice with DiscDot goes great with our distance markers - click here to check them out!

Customer Reviews

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Rhonda L.

I bought the Sampler 3-Pack and love it. My putting game has very much improved.

Eric McHugh

DiscDot Sampler 3-Pack

Jeremy Baum
Hmm... Not sure

I think these would work great to improve putting, but my dog grabbed the package and chewed them to pieces before I was able to try them. Sad Face.

Todd Littleton
Focus, focus, focus

If you aim at nothing you will get what the little boy shot at, nothing. Honing on a link has helped my putting. Even more earning to adjust for wind and distance I am more like to find just the right off center link to help with accuracy. I may buy a few more!

Louis Brownell
I will when I practice with my discdots