Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a DiscDot?

A: DiscDot is a high-visibility targeting aide for disc golf putting practice that clips onto a single chain link of your practice basket and can be quickly and easily re-positioned as necessary. Find your sweet spot for all types of putting techniques with a DiscDot! Available in many colors and GLOW-IN-THE-DARK!

Q: When will DiscDot be available for purchase?

A: We are launched and in FULL production - we are still ramping up on-hand inventory so quantities are limited as we continue to grow.

Q: What are DiscDots made from?

A: DiscDots are made from the highest quality hard rubber to last years of use!

Q: What size chains does a DiscDot fit?

A: DiscDot fits a variety of chain thicknesses from light duty practice baskets all the way up to heavy duty professional basket chains! A minimum chain link spacing of 1" (space in between the links the long way) is required to fit a DiscDot. Please measure your chains prior to ensure proper fitment. "Marksman" style baskets are an example of a basket that uses short chains and the DiscDot may not fit in between.

Q: What colors are DiscDots available in?

A: Current production approved colors are Red, Yellow, Blue, UV Pink, UV Orange, UV Blue, and Glow-In-The-Dark. More colors will be added and keep your eye out for special editions and charity discount packs!

Q: How long does a Glow-In-The-Dark DiscDot glow?

A: It depends on the intensity and duration of the UV light the GlowDot is exposed to. Recommended application is concentrated UV which can be done using a blacklight flashlight. Just a short charge creates hours of glow! While the GlowDot will charge under sunlight, the intensity of sun rays depend on geographic location and time of year and as such the results of charging intensity will vary under sunlight. We recommend keeping a UV flashlight handy for quick and on-demand charging. Please note that any nearby ambient or artificial electric lighting significantly reduces the amount of glow the human eye perceives. Very low or no light situations are recommended for full glow effect.

Q: What is the #growthesport Initiative?

A: Every month, we choose a Disc Golf related Foundation or Cause to partner up with and donate 1% of our total net sales for that month to that cause! We have also raffled special not-for-sale items and donated proceeds that way. Check out our social pages to see who we're promoting this month!

Q: I am interested in promoting DiscDot. Can I, and do I earn anything?

A: YES and YES! Apply for Team DiscDot during Open Registration (November).

Q: I am interested in reselling DiscDot. Can I, and how?

A: YES! Bulk purchases are available at discounted prices. See our 'Bulk Ordering' section in the menu or contact us at or to get started. Minimum Order applies.

Q: What other products does DiscDot offer?

A: Currently we are working on more concepts that will continue to evolve the sport of Disc Golf. Be on the lookout for more product announcements in the near future!