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Zero-Waste DiscDot

Zero-Waste DiscDot

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We've upgraded our molding process to eliminate waste between color changes 😲

This has resulted in a very limited batch of DiscDots that are a random blend of colors that resemble the cool relaxing shades of autumn 🍂

These "zero waste" DiscDots are our effort to reduce plastic waste into the environment during manufacturing. 🌎

Colors chosen at random.

Reduce mental distractions, find your sweet spot, and improve your scores! The muscle memory and instant feedback that DiscDot provides during your practice routine translates into fewer missed putts on the course!

Fits a variety of chain sizes however a minimum chain link spacing of 1" (space in between the links the long way) is required to fit a DiscDot. Please measure your chains to ensure proper fitment. DiscDot fits all the most common baskets except some "marksman" style baskets.

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