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DiscDot Outdoor Distance Markers
DiscDot Outdoor Distance Markers

DiscDot Outdoor Distance Markers

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NEW Pre-Production 3d Printed DiscDot Brand outdoor distance markers! Simply press these into the ground at your desired distances from your target basket for an enhanced practice routine - Available in multiple colors! Low-Profile design remains sleek, effective, and lawnmower friendly. Proceeds from these sales will be used to accelerate this product into full production which will feature high-visibility colors, glow-in-the-dark options, attractive pricing and outdoor rated plastic made for years of use!

** Due to high-demand of this product, shipping is up to 2-3 business days once ordered. We appreciate your patience! **

**If your order also contains DiscDots which are not yet in-stock, your full order will be held and shipped until your DiscDot inventory arrives.**

Dimensions: 2.5" Diameter. Flush to ground when fully installed. To install, simple place on the ground and step down onto the marker. Grass/Sod, dirt, sand and clay are good ground types for this product. Remember - 3D printed plastic is stiff and feels strong but has limitations compared to molded plastic and it will weaken when handled repeatedly. Do not stomp on these. Treat with care and they will last!

Made in-house; Thank you for your support in helping bring this product to life!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great training tools

Used these placements with the chain target and have drastically gained more confidence and accuracy in the short time i have had them. Highly recommend if you are trying to focus on improving putting.

Great product

Quality is awesome

The best

These are by far and away the best thing I’ve ever seen. I loved my first one so much I bought 3 more for my other baskets! I’d highly recommend to anyone wanting some help with practice putts.

Tony’s Review

This product is absolutely a must have when doing putting practice, or field work. Once you have it pushed into the ground, it stays there for easy return to that spot. It will stay there until you pull it up to move it. Awesome product

Great for Putting league

Picked up a set of these prior to the start of our annual winter putting league. In the past we used soccer cones that would get blown or knocked over to mark distance. These look professional and aren't going anywhere once they are pressed into the ground. They appear to be 3D printed, but are super sturdy plastic and will stand up to a good stomp.