About Us

We are Rick & Natasha, a husband and wife team operating out of central Florida. Married in 2012, we started as a Design & Engineering Contracting business full time in 2016 when we found out we were pregnant with twin daughters (after years of struggling to conceive and many fertility treatments) - we thought being home full time would be more beneficial than both working full time jobs and paying for childcare. Good thing we did because in 2018 we became pregnant naturally with our 3rd daughter! While our business remained successful for many years, we, like many others were extremely impacted by COVID-19 in 2020 and lost all of our contracts due to many companies closing their doors.

Stressed financially & emotionally and with more time on our hands, we started playing more Disc Golf. Rick started playing in late 2019 after being introduced to the sport by his brother-in-law Tim. Rick bought a backyard practice basket after quickly realizing his putts were downright terrible. It was costing many strokes each game and leading to more frustration. While the sport was fun and addicting, Rick was looking to get better. Quickly. He joined his local league and started asking the veterans for tips and watching videos online. On many occasions, ‘pick a chain link to aim at’ was the response. Easier said than done - he found himself counting chain links, and becoming ‘lost in the chains’ and unsure where his aim was truly landing him. And with all the styles of putting to choose from and factors like wind and elevation, he found himself adjusting his aim depending on the situation. An idea sparked. A target aide was needed! DiscDot was born.

Rick designed and 3D printed the very first DiscDot out of a rubber-based material. We knew it had to be tough, small, and bright to work properly. The first prototype worked flawlessly! It clipped to the chains easily, didn’t fall off, but there was one problem. The material was only available in black. Next proto, we created a mold and began hand-casting DiscDots in various colors using a 2-part rubber and adding color to it. We even made some glow-in-the-dark! Rick went on a limb and started giving them away at league night and continued to hear great feedback. We were onto something!

We launched DiscDot officially in May 2020, and at the time of this writing (Feb 1, 2021) we have done over $35k in sales, sold 10,000 DiscDots all over the world, are featured in dozens of industry retail giants, we will be featured in the player’s packs of the 2021 NADGT Championships, are a featured putting sponsor of the 2021 USWDGC Championships, and are continuing to push the envelope of Disc Golf practice routines. We also give back 1% of sales every month to a disc golf related charity or foundation through our #GrowTheSportInitiative and have donated thousands of dollars in cash and products to multiple DG organizations.

Our mission is simple - Improvement. Not just through our practice tools which are first-of-their-kind but with our community involvement and giving back. We have and are continuing to grow fast and we thank you all for your support and belief in what we can offer to the sport and community!
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