About Us

Rick & Natasha are the husband and wife team that founded DiscDot. They started as a Design & Engineering Contracting business full time in 2016. While their business remained successful for many years, they, like many others were extremely impacted by COVID-19 in 2020 and lost all of their contracts due to many companies closing their doors.

Stressed financially & emotionally and with more time on their hands, they started playing more Disc Golf. Rick started playing in late 2019 after being introduced to the sport by his brother-in-law Tim. Rick bought a backyard practice basket after quickly realizing his putts were downright terrible. It was costing many strokes each game and leading to more frustration. While the sport was fun and addicting, Rick was looking to get better. Quickly. He joined his local league and started asking the veterans for tips and watching videos online. On many occasions, ‘pick a chain link to aim at’ was the response. Easier said than done - he found himself counting chain links, and becoming ‘lost in the chains’ and unsure where his aim was truly landing him. An idea sparked. A target aide was needed! DiscDot was born.

DiscDot officially launched in May 2020. In December of 2022, the majority of the company was acquired by Atlas Disc Golf Supply LLC. Our mission is simple - Improvement. Not just through our practice tools which are first-of-their-kind but with our community involvement and giving back. We have and are continuing to grow fast and we thank you all for your support and belief in what we can offer to the sport and community!