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#DiscDotChallenge Combo Pack
#DiscDotChallenge Combo Pack
#DiscDotChallenge Combo Pack

#DiscDotChallenge Combo Pack

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Aim small, spend small - Try our best putting tools at a discount with our Disc Golf Putting Practice Combo!


(1) DiscDot* Putting Target Aide in type/color of choice

(1) Pre-Production Ground Stake** Distance Marker in color of choice

Pop a DiscDot on your chain, a Ground Marker at your feet and zero in those putts!

Join the action with any of our currently featured challenges! #discdotchallenge

More colors coming soon!

*If your order also contains DiscDots which are not yet in-stock, your full order will be held and shipped until your DiscDot inventory arrives.*

**Has a built-in ground stake which holds the marker in place with ground types such as grass, sod, dirt and sand. To install, place on ground in desired location and press down lightly with your foot.**

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great for practice

Haven't been able to use the ground marker since the ground is covered in snow but I love the chain markers. I use 2 to help me practice elevation changes on a flat surface

Huge improvements

The outdoor marker and DiscDot is a fantastic tool. I’ve set mine for about 25 feet. I’m making more practice putts and my accuracy is improving as well in my tournament play!

Awesome product

The disc dot helps you train your eyes to focus on the basket with the key being "aim small miss small". The distance marker helps you know where to putt after measuring without eyeballing it all the time!