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#DiscDotChallenge Combo Pack
#DiscDotChallenge Combo Pack
#DiscDotChallenge Combo Pack

#DiscDotChallenge Combo Pack

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Aim small, spend small - Try our best putting tools at a discount with our Disc Golf Putting Practice Combo!


(1) DiscDot* Putting Target Aide in type/color of choice

(1) Pre-Production Ground Stake** Distance Marker in color of choice

Pop a DiscDot on your chain, a Ground Marker at your feet and zero in those putts!

Join the action with any of our currently featured challenges! #discdotchallenge

More colors coming soon!

*If your order also contains DiscDots which are not yet in-stock, your full order will be held and shipped until your DiscDot inventory arrives.*

**Has a built-in ground stake which holds the marker in place with ground types such as grass, sod, dirt and sand. To install, place on ground in desired location and press down lightly with your foot.**

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Love the Product!!

Love this product and love this company. They definitely stand behind their products and their customers. Will definitely be purchasing again and recommending moving forward.


Product itself was great but it only came with one of the chain balls and one of the ground markers. The wording in the purchase point implied it was a set. one chain ball and 4-5 ground markers is optimal for practice but to expensive to buy 4 more. Not happy with the purchase but the product alone was great.

The product page has always stated (1) of each dot and marker. We also offer discount pricing on sets of ground markers. For anyone reading this please reach out to us at info@discdotusa.com if you ever have questions or issues before, during, or after your purchase before leaving a bad review and give us the opportunity to make you happy. Thank you!

Definitely Works!

This thing definitely works. I’ve noticed I’ve been hitting exactly where I aim since I started using the dot.

great putting practice tool!!!

Since I started playing, 2 years ago. putting has been the weakest part of my game. Using these, I have found myself being able to confidently hit putts that before I was missing. Love them and use them every chance I get.


These disc dots are awesome and the company is awesome. I highly recommend getting some of these, it will improve your putting game.